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Hookup Bay: What Is It?

When it comes to hooking up, it’s so much easier to use a website. Online local hookups are all the rage right now. Whether you want to avoid contact with others as much as possible or your town has shut down, you are looking for ways to hook up with singles and interested parties.

With so many hookup apps out there, you’ve got to be careful about the one you choose. Hookup Bay is a newer website that offers to help you find ‘friends’ for whatever purposes you want. It’s primarily a dating site for sexual encounters. This means you can meet women and men for sex without having to go on a date. However, casual dates are a possibility if both parties agree.

If you visit the homepage, you just see a splash screen with a sign-up area. There are no adult images shown. This is a safety precaution for the company and you. With it, the company doesn’t get in trouble for potentially showing pornography to minors. You can rest assured that no one is going to know what you’re browsing if they happen to glance over at your screen. That gives you peace of mind.

Features and How Hookup Bay Works

When you sign up for Hookup Bay, you can search for singles based on various criteria. These include:

That means you can search only for people who have included a photo or are currently online right now. Most people start with gender and narrow down the search from there.

It’s also possible to extend the search parameters with specialty criteria. For example, you can search by zip code or city name to show people who are interested in casual dating within your location.

With Hookup Bay, you can also create a profile video. This can be uploaded from a computer or smart device. Many people choose to do this to separate themselves from the competition (other members). The website provides clear directions and instructions on what to do and not do in your video.

Another great feature is the ability to block members. If you are not interested in someone and they continue messaging you or sending you photos that you don’t want to see, you may block them. 

Lastly, there is an option to invite other members to a private chat or enter one. This is useful if you and another member want to have privacy or talk through a messenger-style interface.

Advantages of Hookup Bay

  • Private profiles
  • Ability to report spam profiles
  • Live chat options with members

Disadvantages of Hookup Bay

  • No mobile app (can visit the website on your smart device, though)
  • Very young site
  • No identity or proof verification
  • No ability to anonymously make payments

Price/Costs & Payment Methods

Hookup Bay isn’t completely free to use. While you can sign up for free, you are going to be asked to pay before being able to view profiles or set up your account. However, this is for your benefit. The website is very user-friendly and secure, and the company is able to keep it safe by charging you.

There is a trial plan or a trial membership available. With it, you pay $0.99 for one day of use. This is a great option to decide if you’re going to like the website and use it. Once you’ve tried it for a day, you can extend the trial period to a week for $5.00.

Those who decide not to continue must cancel before the trial period ends. Otherwise, you get enrolled automatically into the next recurring plan option.

You can pay for one month of use, and it costs $59.97. Credit cards are the only acceptable payment forms. The plan also recurs. Therefore, you’ve got to cancel your membership before the one month is up, or you’re automatically billed for the next month. Hookup Bay does reduce the first month’s price to $29.98 if you accept the recurring payment option.

There is also a one-month non-recurring plan that costs $59.97, as well. Your credit card isn’t automatically charged for the next month. This means you have to redo the payment process to continue using the site.

If you choose the three-month plan with automatic renewal, you pay $32.45 for those three months. If you don’t pick the automatic renewal feature, you pay $64.90 for the three months and must re-complete your payment features. 

It’s safe to say that being automatically re-charged can save you money with Hookup Bay.

There are no coin plans. This means you cannot pay with a money order or cash. It must be a debit or credit card, and ‘Hookup Bay’ is going to show in the description.

Coupon Codes and Discounts for Hookup Bay

Other than the discounts mentioned for automatic renewal, there are no additional discounts and coupons available.

Registration – How You Register with Hookup Bay

Registration with Hookup Bay is quite simple. There are five fields to fill in, and they are all required. This includes your name and email address. You can also create a password to use while on the site. It’s recommended that you choose one that is going to be hard for anyone to guess while being easy for you to remember.

Once you sign up, you can go to your profile. Here, you are asked to make your payment. Choose the trial period to get an idea of who uses the site and how you might benefit. Otherwise, you can select the plan for your needs and finish the registration process.


All in all, Hookup Bay is legitimate for NSA hookups. We can’t guarantee that you’re going to find people to bang in your area, and those in large cities are sure to fare better. However, it does have various profiles of men and women and can be used to find heterosexual, bisexual, and same-sex partners. 

Though the pricing structure can be slightly confusing, it could be worth it. Since there is a trial period of a day or week, it’s possible to get a feel for the site and its possibilities before committing to a month or more.

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