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June 29, 2022
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Bumble is a dating application like Tinder and eHarmony, promoting the intimate relationship between two individuals and local hookups. Thus, it is evident that it should not be used for hookups. But, some of you might be wondering whether this claim is true or just a theory.

After all, one reason for most people to sign up for some best hookup apps is to set up online dating, potentially leading to hookups. Bumble is a well-known app among men and women wanting to have a companion.

So, if you are one of the Bumble users wanting to set up a hookup with ladies, you have found the right place! Here are the tips to get laid on Bumble.

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Pick Your Best Picture

Bumble does not allow its users to have sexy pictures as their profiles. However, you probably have a photo in your gallery that gives off a sexual vibe. Using it as your Bumble profile picture will show you are here for some sexting or one-night-stand.

It is best to use a profile that shows that you only want to have fun since that is what is behind most hookups. In addition, it is best to avoid using selfies as your Bumble profile picture as it is most likely associated with casual energy, which shows that you are only here for casual dating and not for some hot sexting.

Pay Attention To Your Bio

Aside from your profile, your bio is another feature you should consider to show your intent to join Bumble. Aside from that, the things written in your bio should be powerful enough to attract possible hookup dates. Your location is very important, so it’s important that if you are looking for some Asian Hookups, make sure to put your accurate city.

In line with that, it would be best to write an easy-going and light-hearted bio with a touch of humor. This is a great tip that male Bumble users should follow. In most cases, guys do not pay enough attention to writing their bios, considering they are more likely to select their matches.

Remember that for you to earn the attention of a girl, you must take your communication to another level that will make her feed the dreamiest when they swipe over you. In addition, it is also worth noting that a well-written bio can also lead to starting a conversation.

It’s Time To Spice Up Your Convo

Bumble allows you to match with individuals with the same vibe as yours. It’s neutral across all genders, so if you are looking for a Bisexual Hookups or Lesbian Hookups then this is the best app for you. Mostly, you would like to match with a girl with the same energy and intellectual level as yours to create lots of fun conversations. After a few hours of talking, you feel like you want to take the conversation to a more sexual level. However, you don’t know how to do it without making your intention obvious.

But the truth is that you can be as straightforward as possible to show your intent for sexting, especially if you consider Bumble a hookup application. Remember, the girl you have matched with is probably looking for a hookup date and she does understand hookup culture. This means that if you will try to keep the conversation so long, there’s a chance that they might get bored and skip you.

Again, your match has the same interest as yours. Therefore, after a few casual texting, it is best to show her what you want but with a touch of your humor. This means that as you flirt and talk, you may want to add some sexual jokes.

When the girl responds to your flirty joke by saying that she’s also up for it, you may now ask her if you can pick her up for a hookup. Through this, asking her for a hookup date won’t be awkward and will keep the fire in the conversation.

Another way you can indirectly ask a girl on Bumble for a hookup without making it too awkward or obvious is through teasing. Again, make sure that you will combine this with your humor. The moment you start sending her flirty jokes, back it up with some teasing to have the results you want.

Tell Her Your Intention

One common issue you may experience if you use Bumble for hookups is that you are more likely to get stuck in the teasing stage. After several tries of flirting and teasing, none of you made the first move yet.

As a guy, it would not affect your ego if you were the first one to ask a girl on Bumble to have a hookup date with you. It’s not as simple as celebrity hookups, If you successfully made a connection and indirectly showed your intention, this is the best time to take your shot.

Let’s say that you have flirted and teased them that helped you to create a rapport with your matches; there’s no other reason for you not to ask or be dramatic. However, instead of saying, can we go to a hotel? Ask, can we grab some coffee later?

Generally, asking this ‘casual’ question will not show that you want to have a hookup with her if you haven’t built a sexual tension and rapport yet. Therefore, the first thing you should do if you want to make her come to your house is to spice up the conversation.

On the other hand, you are also allowed to be more explicit in showing your intention and directly ask her to come over to your place tonight. This might give you better results. However, it is essential to remember that not all Bumble guy users are confident to ask someone to come over to one’s apartment. Thus, it is best to assess how your match would react if you asked her this question.

Either way, keep the casual conversation short and start spicing up things later on. Waiting for too long can make your match bored and uninterested. Thus, if you have the chance to ask, just ask.

Final Thoughts

Unlike other hookup sites such as Ashley Madison, Bumble is more on casual dates. However, you can still use it as a hookup app if you know how to work on some things, including your profile picture and bio. Bumble is a great dating app that could help you have a hookup partner instantly within nearby cities.

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