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Should You Hook Up on The First Date?

April 22, 2021
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“Should you hook up on the first date?”—a highly loaded question that’s been existing for centuries that could make or break the potential for a great romance. While we have made great strides in recent decades in having a more liberal view about hookup culture, most people’s feelings about NSA hookups are mixed.

While the question may seem exclusive to women, men also find it hard to weigh their thoughts about this matter. And why not? If a guy presses on to end the date under the sheets, women will only think they’re just after sex. And when this happens, there’s a tendency to send mixed signals to the girl they’re dating.  

However, an online survey reveals that 46% of users would consider hooking up on their first date. A considerable part of this feeling towards casual sex may be attributed to advancements in technology, making way for convenience and better communication, especially with people. This is evident in free hookup app and that are rampant everywhere.

 With these things in mind, should you or should you not do the deed? Here are some instances that illustrate whether sex is good or not on the very first date.

Sex is good on the first date…

…to test whether you have great chemistry

Meeting someone for the first time is no joke, and sometimes it takes a long time for you to determine whether that person is perfect for you. However, there are times when everything seems to fall into place, and you just feel and know it.

Being in bed with someone for the first time allows you to become vulnerable. Besides, it already eliminates your worries about whether you’re sexually compatible with someone. Imagine dating someone for a long time only to realize the sex wasn’t that good. It can indeed be a deal-breaker for most people.

…because obviously, you get to have sex

When sparks fly, and the magic is about to happen, it’s impossible to find fault about this moment. So, what if you break tradition and immediately go to pound town with each other? If there’s mutual attraction and consent, there’s no reason for you not to do it.

This saves you a lot of time wasted if you realize that you’re not as into them post-sex. Waiting for that opportune time to get intimate wouldn’t change your lack of interest towards them even before sex, anyway.

Sex is bad on the first date…

…because you might lead the other person on

It has become the norm for most people to resort to the Internet, primarily through the best hookup apps, to scratch their itch sex-wise. But things are different when you’re talking about something more serious.

Both parties should be honest about their expectations and should be on the same page about the situation. It will be terribly awkward to be stuck in a situation where someone just sees it as a casual setup. At the same time, the other one has great expectations about it being so much more.

especially if you’ve been drinking and end up doing something you’re not comfortable with, in the first place.

Many one-night stands happen in not-so-ideal situations, with alcohol as being the main culprit. Intoxication removes all inhibitions and, in turn, heightens the risk of you being stupid and careless. Therefore, you shouldn’t do anything that you’ll end up regretting in the end.

The lowdown

Is hooking up on the first date still for you? It largely depends. What’s important is you establish transparency and honesty not just with your date but also with yourself. If there’s consent and you’re open to trying it out both, then go for it! However, it wouldn’t hurt if you wait for a bit, especially if you’re still unsure. In the end, it’s your decision, and it shouldn’t be influenced by outdated traditional social norms.

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