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March 16, 2022
Free Hookup App

Clover Hookup App is a database that enables single all over the globe to meet and date their perfect matches. Established in 2014, the app enables its users to set dates in a fast and simple manner. It’s popular worldwide and considered to be one of the best hookup apps. It’s equipped with sophisticated and state-of-the-art features, making dating and local hookup super cool and simple.

In this Clover Dating App review, we will talk about everything you need to know about this app, the crucial features you need to know, and how you can make the most out of it. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Clover App?

clove dating app home page

Clover Dating Application is a database that enables single across the world to meet and date their perfect relationship match. Clover is a mobile-friendly dating application (no desktop version available) and has gained more than three million total users. Shockingly, it has a huge number of women—more women than I expected. So if you are into Asian Hookups or Cougar Hookups, this is the perfect app for you.

Despite taking different cues from social media, Clover is on its own separate service with its separate account. It is not like Facebook Dating. You can use your Snapchat or Facebook account to sign in, but you can also use your email credentials, Google or Apple accounts, depending on the operating system you use.

Currently, Clover is available for smartphone devices. It does not have any web website and can’t be used on a computer.

The signup process asks me basic questions about myself and what I like in a partner. It also asks me why type of relationships I am looking for. Do I smoke? What is my age range and region? I am allowed to flesh out my profile by tagging interests such as working out, fashion, and animals.

You will also find that the Clover will oblige you to send at least one photo of yourself before you can find your matches, interact and message them.

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Why You Should Use Dating Apps Like Clover?

members who met in clover app is having sex in bed

Dating apps like Clover are certainly in demand today. Some of them are extremely popular, and others can be considered a niche. Most of them are available for both iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Google Play Store). But what is the reason for such huge popularity?

For starters, dating sites like Clover enables men like me to have pleasure and meet new women who live in different cities and even different countries worldwide. There are no boundaries, not to mention there are no age limits.

On top of that, an acquaintance in special dating apps is a lot safer than going on a date with a complete stranger. A popular online service asks its user to send a specific photo or video, which is immediately checked by moderators.

Further, the application lets you stay in touch with the other person irrespective of your place. I only need to download the application on my computer or smartphone, and I have the ability to communicate with my chosen one at any time of the day or night.

If two individuals have common interests and we like one another, there is a chance to start messaging and arranging dates in real life.

Why I Signed Up for Clover Hookup Dating App? (Review Included)

Facebook for hookups will sound a bit strange as your mom, your aunt, and your teacher might be on it, but actually, it may surprise you. There was a minimal adjustment to be made as it’s free and on a platform that you’re familiar with.

Since you already have a Facebook account, you don’t need to register for a new one as it’s already synced with your own account. It’s reassuring that there’s a relatively high response rate from prospective partners as single people are also on the lookout for local hookups. As long as you play your cards right, you’re definitely going to connect with someone right away.

Why I Signed Up for Clover Hookup Dating App? (Review Included)

clover app man and woman about to have sex after meetup

What I truly love about Clover is that it will give you people who they believe will be good matches for you. The information in your profile and the search criteria you decide on will define who you will be introduced to.

You only need to tap on the star icon on their photo and bio to say, Hey there! I like you! I thought the opportunities to find your date from heaven were fab, from powerful filters to group chat to fun In Real Life meetups.

The Group chat or Mixers offers Clover a community feels and enables me to create new friends and use the application as a social website as well as a dating site. Clover also hosts meetups so members can meet one another for the time in a supportive, fun, and safe environment.

I also have the ability to save my favorite people so I can chat with them again—make a library of friends and potential dates on my phone. That means I can keep in touch without having to share my mobile number or email address.  

Other Customer Reviews of Clover App Site

On the whole, it’s simple to see why Clover is now constantly scoring higher ratings than Tinder. The application does many more and has a built-in feature. On top of that, Clover is more specific in the way it makes matches. It is completely based on looks but also interests, and that’s a crucial distinction, particularly if you’re looking for serious relationships with similar interests.

If you have grown bored of using other dating applications like Tinder, I would surely suggest you check out this paid application. It has great ratings, amazing customer support and is filled with many amazing game features. It offers easy access to women who are available for hookups. It’s an all-in-one on-demand dating application.

From Signup to My First Hookup on Clover

As with Tinder and a bunch of other dating platforms, you can swipe through profiles on Clover. If you notice someone you like, you can click through their profile and read more about them. You can also check what they are interested in, their likes and dislikes.

Once two people match, that’s a sign you can have a conversation with them. Clover is extremely user-friendly and simple compared to other free apps, in my opinion.

I also honestly was quite shocked by Clover. I went in thinking girls are only on there for a booty call, but I had some nice conversations with a few women. Most of them, right off the bat, asked why I was on the application, and I kept my answer simple. We also had some live stream sessions, which are on fire.

Clover App Features

Here are some of the features of Clover:

–          Participate in online discussions with other members

–          Schedule hookups or dates at local venues

–          Interact with thousands of live streaming singles

–          Chat with other members and meet new people

–          Find your perfect match by using advanced filter technology

–          Video chat with private users in real-time

–          Set up video chats online

–          Find singles parties, events, and online meetups

Safety and Security

Like most other applications and dating apps, Clover cares all about its users’ safety. That is why the platform enables blocking and reporting users who send offensive content to other users, are abusive, or have suspicious behaviors.

Also, the functionality of the application and site is legal. They belong to Clover Inc., which is registered in Toronto, USA. The business also collects users’ personal details that they voluntarily offer during the registration, as well as information about their mobile device and location.

The company does not sell that information, but they might give it to a third party for business purposes.

Who Is Clover App For?

If you’re planning on using an online dating app and you like to have some NSA hookups, you surely want to know if you’ll find the type of persona you are seeking. The platform seems to be dominated by men and women looking for hookups. That’s why it is very much similar to Tinder in that regard.

Are you younger or want to date younger? Clovers offer you just that. It could develop as an excellent dating alternative to other platforms. But if you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money, Clover also offers a free plan.

Free members could access most of the features on the site. Nonetheless, paid members have the advantage over the free members, as they receive more and better features to use. Paid memberships are also categorized into two groups with different prices and features.

Some of the things you can receive with free access are:

–          View full-screen photos

–          Organize your match based on prospects

–          Free chat

–          Unlimited messages

–          Upload pictures

–          Meet single men and women with your common interests

How To Become one of the Free Users in Clover Dating App?

Currently, Clover offers a costly subscription plan. I am not sure if that is worth it. However, if you’re in the proper demographics, find the men and women attractive, and have good results, the extra benefits could be all worth it.

Pros and Cons of Clover Hookup App


–          Slick interface

–          It offers you the ability to see and broadcast live streams

–          Lets you schedule dates


–          Lack a web version

–          The Dating App often feels it’s more for self-promotion than dating

–          Videos features locked behind the paywall

Our Final Verdict on Clover Online Dating App

Whether you like to schedule real hookups, hang in online communities, or watch live streams, Clover is an on-demand dating app for you. Its modern, speedy feel and look make it comparable to Tinder. Nonetheless, based on the number of success stories in their blog, it can also compete with Match to go for long-lasting love.

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