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The 9 Best Hookup Apps for Sex Tonight in 2021 [Verified Reviews]

Want the best hookup sites for casual sex? Which free hookup websites are legit? Find all the details here with some sex hookup success tips!

Skip & Hookup Now?

First, What Are Hookup Apps?

Sometimes, you just don’t want to have a relationship, but you still want to have great sex. When that happens, you can find free hookup apps. You input a little information about yourself, load up a picture, and start searching for people to have sex within your area. 

With the best hookup apps, you can have a different person to sleep with each night if you want. Some want FWB relationships where you can call each other for sex and don’t have to go to dinner or out on dates.

These hookup websites are full of men and women who just want to have sex. This means they want casual relationships where the primary goal is sex.

The Best Hookup Sites for 2021

If your goal is to have casual or NSA hookups, you need to find the best free hookup apps out there. That way, you have a place to go that’s safe when you want to see a fresh face or get a little strange (sex from someone you don’t know).

Free Hookup App

When you choose Free Hookup App, you’re going to be impressed with everything about it. From signing up to finding local casual hookups, the site is easy to use. Plus, you can find many different people to consider. They’re all interested in hooking up, too, so there isn’t any confusion later.

Well Hello

Those who strictly want hookup dating sites are sure to like Well Hello. It’s designed for you to flirt with, meet, and casually date others. Most of the people on the site want sex or hookups, but some do prefer to see each other outside the bedroom, so just be upfront with what you want.

Ashley Madison

If you’re a married man or lonely housewife, you may be looking for the top hookup apps, and Ashley Madison has you covered. When you join, you can define what you want and how far you’re willing to go to get it. Then, choose profiles that fit those needs, and you’re on your way to a fun, casual encounter.

Adult Friend Finder

Those who want free hookup sites might consider Adult Friend Finder. It’s been out there for a long time, and it’s an adult-oriented networking service. It primarily focuses on hookups but also offers dating and swingers community options. Since it’s all about the sex, you’re sure to find it a great place to get hookups.


Most people don’t think of Tinder as part of the best hookup websites. Though it is primarily geared toward dating and possible long-term relationships, you can use it to find casual hookups. It’s the original ‘swipe to like’ app, and it’s a top choice among younger people and those who are a bit older.


Hinge is well-known as being the dating app that’s designed to get deleted. However, you can indicate that you want casual relationships or FWB in your profile. It’s not foolproof, and there could be some confusion, but it’s a great way to meet new people and see where it takes you.


Most adult hookup sites are geared toward heterosexual partners, but Grindr takes a different stance. It’s best to find hookups with trans, bisexual, and gay people. For its target audience, it’s a huge social networking app that gets a lot of action. If you’re into that sort of thing, it’s the place to go!


Sometimes, you want to do things differently and go to the beat of your own drum. With Ship, you have that chance. This free dating app allows your friends to set you up with different people. Though it focuses on potentially long-term relationships, you can indicate that you want a casual or FWB fling.


When you want something you know, OkCupid might be right for you. It’s geared toward matchmaking and potentially long-term relationships. However, you can list in your profile that you only want casual hookups, FWBs, and flings. Plus, it lets you match with others based on orientation, gender, and so much more.

What Makes a Good Hookup Site?

When you’re focused on choosing a hookup site, you want to consider a few things. First, you may be on a tight budget or be in a situation where you don’t want your information known to a significant other.

Therefore, you want free hookup websites because they don’t require you to add your credit card number. 

It’s also a good idea to focus on anonymity here. The company shouldn’t sell your information to third parties, which means you don’t see those ads on Google and other social media sites. 

They’ve also got to have plenty of local people available for sex. It does no good to be on a site that has no one in your area.

Are These Sites Legit?

Some sites out there aren’t legitimate, but the ones we’ve listed are all real hookup sites. However, some might be geared more toward dating and long-term relationships. Therefore, you may have to do a little more work to weed out the people who want more than you’re willing (or able) to give.

A good way to tell if the hookup site is legit is by googling it. It should be listed on the first page of the results. Also, visit the site and take a look at the navigation and information.

How to Have Safe Hookups?

Online dating has shown us that there are dangers everywhere and it’s best to be safe. Therefore, it’s best not to give any personal information to the person you’re talking to. This can include your physical address, phone number, or email address. 

Once you get to know them or decide to sleep with them, you can give them your name. Request to meet them at a motel or hotel so that they don’t get your address. Also, avoid having encounters in your house or apartment. That way, it’s harder for any crazies to stalk you later.

Our Recommendation

While there are so many sex hookup sites out there, we believe that Free Hookup App is the best. It offers tons of local people that you can sleep with, and they’re very discreet.

This means that you don’t have to deal with embarrassment with an odd credit card charge. Plus, the entire experience is free for both men and women. If that weren’t enough, you are in control; browse members, create a profile for yourself, and see where life takes you.