The 9 Best Hookup Apps for Sex Tonight in 2023 [Verified Reviews]

Want the best hookup apps for casual sex? Which free hookup websites are legit? Find all the details here with some sex hookup success tips!

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First, What Are Hookup Apps?

Sometimes, you don’t want to have a relationship, but you still want great sex. When that happens, you can find free hookup apps. You input a little information about yourself, load up a picture, and start searching for people to have sex with within your area.

With the best hookup apps, you can have a different person to sleep with each night if you want. Some want FWB relationships where you can call each other for sex and not go to dinner or out on dates.

These hookup websites are full of men and women who want to have sex. It means they want casual relationships where the primary goal is sex.

Incase you can't wait, here are the top 3 hookup apps. The rest of the ranking sites are below.

App IconTop FeaturesScoreSignup Link
#1 Choice
Free Hookup App
Free Hookup App
  • Free Signup
  • Fastest Growing
  • Free Messaging
Signup Here
#2 Choice
Well Hello
Well Hello
  • Free Signup
  • Dating Awards
  • Free DMs
Free Signup
#3 Choice
Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison
  • Free Signup
  • Best for Affairs
  • Best for Matures
Free Signup

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The Best Hookup Sites for 2023

girl laying in bed in red lingerie with the best hookup sites overlay

If your goal is to have casual or NSA hookups, you need to find the best free hookup apps out there. That way, you have a place to go that’s safe when you want to see a fresh face or get a little strange (sex from someone you don’t know).

Free Hookup App

Free Hookup App
9.8/10Our Score
  • Free Signup
  • Fastest Growing
  • Free Messaging

When you choose Free Hookup App, you’re going to be impressed with everything about this free hookup site. From signing up to finding local casual hookups, the site is easy to use. Plus, you can find many different people to consider. They’re all interested in hooking up, too, so there isn’t any confusion later.

  • Unlike other dating apps, it allows for video chat and encourages casual sex in and out of the app.
  • There’s a free version available upon registration.
  • You can find quality matches here with its large user base.
  • There is no available mobile app yet.
  • You need to have a paid subscription to avail some of its useful features.
  • There’s a high probability you’ll message users who are fake profiles or scammers.
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Well Hello

Well Hello
9.6/10Our Score
  • Free Signup
  • Dating Awards
  • Free DMs

Those who strictly want hookup dating sites are sure to like Well Hello. It’s designed for you to flirt with, meet, and casually date others. Most people on the site want sex or hookups, but some prefer to see each other outside the bedroom, so just be upfront with what you want.

  • You can find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s to find casual sex or perhaps a serious relationship.
  • It offers a free account that you can easily customize with your personal details.
  • Real-life interaction with other users for casual dating.
  • You can connect with users via chat rooms to plan your next one-night stand.
  • Some features are not completely free. You may need to subscribe to the premium membership account to enjoy exclusive features.
  • The male ratio in the site is somewhat high, unlike other sites.
  • There’s plenty of fish out there, and by fish, we mean catfish. So be on the lookout for scammers and fake profiles.
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Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison
9.4/10Our Score
  • Free Signup
  • Best for Affairs
  • Best for Matures

If you’re a married man or lonely housewife, you may be looking for the top hookup apps. Don’t fret; Ashley Madison has you covered. When you join, you can define what you want and how far you’re willing to go to get it. Then, choose profiles that fit those needs, and you’re on your way to a fun, casual encounter.

  • a sex-positive website and overall best hookup site for those wanting to fool around.
  • You can create your profile completely free of charge.
  • It contains an intuitive user interface and design for easy navigation.
  • There are many potential matches, especially if you’re a sugar baby looking for sugar daddies.
  • Ashley Madison has 60 million users on its roster at the moment, allowing you to meet online daters for local hookups.
  • It has a ready mobile app, so you can have it installed on your tablet or smartphone.
  • If you have a hankering for some hot MILF action, it also offers one of the best cougar hookup experiences.
  • It’s not an ideal place to look for a long-term relationship as it’s more designed as a casual dating app.
  • The free version may be limited in features.
  • Its user base contains an occasional scammer or catfisher in this dating app, so you should be extra careful when talking to users here.
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Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder
9.2/10Our Score
  • Free Signup
  • Largest Membership
  • Best for NSA

Those who want free hookup sites might consider Adult Friend Finder. It’s been out there for a long time, and it’s an adult-oriented networking service. It primarily focuses on hookups but also offers dating and swingers community options. Since it’s all about sex, you’re sure to find it a great place to get hookups.

  • Think of it as your “Facebook account” but in an NSA hookup app form. Creating an account is free, easy, and fast.
  • The best hookup app for casual dating as people here are generally looking for one-night stands.
  • You can send messages without much effort.
  • The dating pool is quite varied. You can see a gay guy, lesbian, or bisexual user in the app.
  • Great for a quick booty call any time.
  • It may contain dead profiles, as other users have reported.
  • Not the place to find a serious relationship as people here are just after casual encounters.
  • There’s a chance you might be talking to a catfish or a scammer.
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9/10Our Score
  • Free Signup
  • Most Well Known
  • Great User Interface

Most people don’t think of Tinder as part of the best hookup websites. Though it is primarily geared toward dating and possible LTR, you can use it to find casual sex. It’s the original ‘swipe to like’ app, and it’s a top choice among younger people and those who are a bit older.

  • It’s one of the most popular online dating apps in the market right now.
  • The dating site has more than a million users out there.
  • There have been success stories here for those looking for a long-term relationship.
  • It’s a good hookup app since you get to connect with people within your vicinity.
  • The best options Tinder offers are available only as paid features.
  • Since People widely use Tinder, there’s a chance you might see your Facebook friends or a family member on your feed of potential matches.
  • It’s one of the dating platforms that promote a “one-night stand” culture, so if you’re only exclusive to serious relationships, this might not appeal to you.
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8.8/10Our Score
  • Free Signup
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Great for Long Term Relationship

Hinge is well-known as being the dating app that’s designed to get deleted. However, you can indicate that you want casual relationships or FWB in your profile. It’s not foolproof, and there could be some confusion, but it’s a great way to meet new people and see where it takes you.

  • Similar to Tinder, Hinge offers a free version available for anyone looking to find adult dating sites.
  • You can find plenty of fish here. Your chances of making a match are quite high in this online dating app.
  • If you’re an introvert or loathe the idea of meeting someone in real life, say, a coffee shop, this is the best casual dating app for you.
  • Scammers and fraudsters usually lurk in these sites and apps, so extra caution must be observed at all times.
  • It’s not ideal for people looking for a no-strings-attached type of setup.
  • The free version in this dating site usually has limited features. You have to pay extra to maximize all of its features fully.
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8.6/10Our Score
  • Free Signup
  • LGBTQ+ Friendly
  • Great for LGBTQ Hookups

Most adult hookup sites are geared toward heterosexual partners, but Grindr takes a different stance. It’s best to find hookups with trans, bisexual, and gay people. For its target audience, it’s a huge social networking app that gets a lot of action. If you’re into that sort of thing, it’s the place to go!

  • Provides a safe space for the LGBT community to meet people and engage in online dating.
  • It’s one of the best dating apps for gay singles to hook up and play.
  • You can connect with anyone within minutes and to someone who’s just a few meters away.
  • It’s a dating app that offers a wide variety of options for users, such as a bisexual hookup experience. You can meet specific types of guys here.
  • As with any of your typical online dating sites, the people you meet here more or less want casual play.
  • As with any dating sites out there, Grindr still suffers from the occasional scammer or catfish.
  • Some of the useful features are not available in the free version.
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8.4/10Our Score
  • Free Signup
  • Great for Vanilla Hookups
  • iOS and Android Friendly

Sometimes, you want to do things differently and go to the beat of your drum. With Ship, you have that chance. This free dating app allows your friends to set you up with different people. Though it focuses on potentially LTR, you can indicate that you want a casual or FWB fling.

  • It’s one of the highly successful dating apps in the market used by people who want a chance in a relationship or casual dating, at least.
  • You can also engage in a “no-strings-attached” setup with users here.
  • There are no initial fees upon signing up. You can try it out for free.
  • You can talk to two or more people while in the app.
  • You can’t access all of its features not unless you avail of their paid membership option.
  • Users can find fake profiles from time to time.
  • Spams and Autobots occasionally appear when finding new users to chat with.
  • It’s not the best place to find something serious when most are after a “no-strings-attached” setup.
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8.2/10Our Score
  • Free Signup
  • Great Desktop Interface
  • Free Messaging

When you want something you know, OkCupid might be right for you. It’s geared toward matchmaking and an LTR type of situation. However, you can list in your profile that you only want casual hookups, FWBs, and flings. Plus, it lets you match with others based on orientation, gender, and so much more.

  • It’s one of the best dating apps to find your significant other or local hookups. Your chances here are higher than other casual dating sites.
  • Signing up is a breeze and is free for anyone, as long as you’re of legal age.
  • You can get paired to your closest match then start chatting.
  • The best option to dating during a time of social distancing.
  • For shy people who need to work upon their courage and confidence, sites like these help.
  • It can get frustrating, especially with rejections in these types of dating apps.
  • Some users report scammers and catfish still hanging around the site.
  • You can’t use all of the features not unless you subscribe to its premium membership offer.
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The Best Hookup Sites for 2023

cute girl in cafe browsing free hookup app on phone

When you’re focused on choosing a hookup site, you want to consider a few things. First, you may be on a tight budget or be in a situation where you don’t want your information known to a significant other.

Therefore, you want free hookup websites because they don’t require you to add your credit card number.

It’s also a good idea to focus on anonymity here. The company shouldn’t sell your information to third parties, which means you don’t see those ads on Google and other social media sites.

They’ve also got to have plenty of local people available for sex. It does no good to be on a site that has no one in your area.

A good hookup site also entails great app or site design and user interface. What good is it if your website is extremely confusing and hardly usable? People want convenience and ease of access, so a well-designed website can help them meet their purpose faster and easier.

Other features such as serving a niche market may also be great for the hookup site and the audience they are serving. This way, you’re sure to get the specific type you’re looking for and not waste your time finding a needle on a haystack.

Lastly, a good hookup site tries to weed out catfishing and fake profiles. As scammers and fraudsters grow in abundance day by day, it helps if a hookup app does its best to provide a platform for people who are not filled with annoying scams or Autobot profiles that will ruin the experience for everyone.

Are These Dating Sites Legit?

Some sites out there aren’t legitimate, but the ones we’ve listed are all real hookup sites. However, some might be geared more toward dating and long-term relationships. Therefore, you may have to do a little more work to weed out the people who want more than you’re willing (or able) to give.

A good way to tell if the hookup site is legit is by googling it. It should be listed on the first page of the results. Also, visit the site and take a look at the navigation and information.

Another trick in assessing whether these dating sites are legit is to check reviews on these pages. Blogs do in-depth reviews of these sites. For example, you can check out the review of Hookup Bay and check out the blogger’s thoughts about the app. These pages go to great lengths to ensure that every feature and flaw is examined under their watchful eyes.

You can also refer to online forums to get an impression from actual users of these apps. Hookup subreddits contain many helpful users who can give you a heads up on the sites you should avoid and the sites that are the best for a particular type of dating or hookup you’re after.

Ultimately, you can find it out for yourself by actually using it and trying out the app. That’s the best way to check an app’s authenticity. Sure, it may involve risks, but you can rely best on your judgment to see if it works for you or not.

How to Have Safe Hookups?

Online dating has shown us that there are dangers everywhere, and it’s best to be safe. Therefore, it’s best not to give any personal information to the person you’re talking to. It can include your physical address, phone number, or email address.

Once you get to know them or decide to sleep with them, you can give them your name. Request to meet them at a motel or hotel so that they don’t get your address. Also, avoid having encounters in your house or apartment. That way, it’s harder for any crazies to stalk you later.

Apart from physical safety, one should always consider their sexual health too. Using condoms and lubes at all times protects you from contracting STDs. More and more people tend to neglect safe sex, but the truth is this should be a primary consideration with anyone who wishes to hit the hay or play under the sheets.

People should also talk about consent more and more these days. Having sex with a random stranger is not for everyone. So please consider someone’s comfort when it comes to intimacy. Before engaging in any form of intercourse, make sure to discuss everything beforehand and don’t do anything that would upset or offend them when it comes to sex.

How to Start a Conversation on a Dating App?

sexy girl in lingerie on bed using hookup sites to meet men

Initiating a chat in a dating app may prove to be a tricky affair to maneuver, as not everyone is born a great conversationalist. It doesn’t even bode well for introverts who try to avoid interaction altogether. So how do you go about the idea of the dreaded first move?

Here are some tips that we think can help you in your quest to bag your first hookup without worrying much. We’re sure you’ll do great as long as you be yourself and take these tips to mind.

  1. Compliment one unique feature about them. Sure, it sounds like a cliche. But it’s one way to catch their attention effectively. You can start by describing how beautiful their eyes are as they light up when they smile, or perhaps you like the way their dimples form when smiling in photos.
  2. Share a random yet interesting fact. It can be anything under the sun, but make sure that it’s something tasteful yet not too naughty or kinky–not unless you can pull off that one. If this works, the person would be curious to chat with you as you sound cool and witty.
  3. Ask them about their dating profile. When you notice something written in the profile or description, it means that you pay attention and that you’re just not after face value. People take a great deal of time and put much thought into crafting their profile, and for you to notice it speaks volumes on how you are as a person.
  4. Ask what they’re looking for on the site. Let people know your intentions up front. If it’s casual fun, or something more serious, it helps both parties to establish what they want to get from this conversation and at the same time shows transparency and honesty too.

Is Online Dating the Most Effective Way to Hookup?

There are many ways for people to find casual fun. Some people resort to finding them in bars, clubs, or pubs, where everyone has had a drink or two, allowing people to establish chemistry and see how things go easily. However, our current situation can’t afford this anymore.

As we navigate the new normal, public places operate in a limited capacity, and the chance to do things the way before seems like a distant memory. That’s why hooking up online has ramped up and seems like the best option nowadays. Online dating is a definitive part of hookup culture in 2023. With that said, we’ll be seeing more virtual or online interactions than physical ones in the future years to come.

With dating online, people can meet and discover new people or potential mates in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Should they plan something along the way, they can arrange it and then meet, provided that social distancing and necessary protocols are implemented.

It also provides convenience. You don’t need to go out in public and meet anyone by chance, just like how the movies make it appear. People who are generally shy and need to build up their confidence to talk to people can practice it using apps like this.

Should I use Multiple Dating Apps at Once?

As we live in a free world, you have every right to use more than one dating app, as long as you’re responsible enough when using it.

Sometimes, there are particular features that you won’t see on a specific app you’re using. Therefore, you’ll feel lacking and might want something more out of this. That’s when multiple dating apps make sense into the equation.

While we don’t necessarily support the use of multiple dating apps as it may prove to be more time-consuming to a user, what we can say is to simply be extra careful and mindful of the people you chat with. Frequently, there are chances of mixing persons, which can be rather embarrassing, especially.

Also, if you’re trying to be more discreet, having more than one app may raise your chances of exposing yourself to the public, not unless you are very smart about this. That’s why you should take heed of these particular situations where people from a different app may recognize you.

In the end, it still boils down to how you navigate through your online dating experience. Some people can juggle more than one or even five dating apps at once, while others don’t. Just do what you’re comfortable with, and don’t force yourself to do something that you think would entail extra effort or stress on your part.

Our Recommendation

While there are so many sex hookup sites, we believe that Free Hookup App is one of the best hookup apps out in the market! It offers tons of local people that you can sleep with, and they’re very discreet.

It means that you don’t have to deal with embarrassment with an odd credit card charge. Plus, the entire experience is free for both men and women. If that weren’t enough, you are in control; browse members, create a profile for yourself, and see where life takes you in these best hookup apps.

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